Thursday, May 27, 2010

5/24/10 Baptism

Hi all.

Well, We finally ended a dry spell with a baptism last sunday. Lulu finally went the big dunk. She is a really awesome woman and will be a wonderful asset to the growth of our branch, and she is AMAZING at ASL stories. I baptized her, of course. We have beeing asking around for a memer to baptize her, but Lulu would rather that it be me, so it is kind of a honor. Well, one down, thousands to go.

Other than this starry highlight, not much went on in my week. It seemed that a lot of people wasn't home so we drove around a lot for nothing. At least we got free lemons.

This morning, we had a fun p-day where we all got to dress up in cowboy clothes. I decided to stand out of the rest and dress up as an indian. All the outfits and props were courtesy of members from the Redondo Beach ward.

E. T.

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