Thursday, May 27, 2010

5/24/10 Baptism

Hi all.

Well, We finally ended a dry spell with a baptism last sunday. Lulu finally went the big dunk. She is a really awesome woman and will be a wonderful asset to the growth of our branch, and she is AMAZING at ASL stories. I baptized her, of course. We have beeing asking around for a memer to baptize her, but Lulu would rather that it be me, so it is kind of a honor. Well, one down, thousands to go.

Other than this starry highlight, not much went on in my week. It seemed that a lot of people wasn't home so we drove around a lot for nothing. At least we got free lemons.

This morning, we had a fun p-day where we all got to dress up in cowboy clothes. I decided to stand out of the rest and dress up as an indian. All the outfits and props were courtesy of members from the Redondo Beach ward.

E. T.


Hi All,

Short letter this week but some nice pictures.

Lulu's baptism is now confirmed for THIS sunday (finally), barring any unforeseen circumstances, and I'm praying really hard that none of it comes around. We've being visiting her so much lately making sure that the devil didn't manage to lead her astray, although I must imagine it feels annoying on both of our parts. at least I'll be able to breathe when Lulu goes the big dunk. Speaking of which, Lulu just asked me to baptize her personally. That will be fantastic.


- Mormon Helping Hands Day! We helped clean up a park and wildlife refuge.
- Elder Hadlock
- Me!
- May the force be with you.


Hi all.

Lulu Diaz is GETTING BAPTIZED next week! She accepted all the lessons well, is abiding by all the commandments, and is growing a testimony about the restored Gospel. She will have a baptism interwiew this thursday and then everything is all set for a dunking.

A really sweet thing happened yesterday at sacrament Meeting. Our investigator, Lorena Reynoso brought his daughter to church. At one point during the sacrament, I overheard (actually, "over-saw" in my case) Lorena explain to his young daughter about the importance of the sacrament in remembering the Christ. It sorta made my heart melt. Also, over the course of church meetings, Lorena's daughter enjoyed primary so much that she begged her mother to let her stay a little longer. We want SO much for them to learn and accept the gospel and ordinances. Unfortunately, there's just this teeny weeny problem: Lorena's husband is a devout catholic and is against the church. Well, actually, that was a tad thick. Not like "MORMONS PRACTICE POLYGAMY!", more like "No thanks. I'm really not interested" and then slam the door in our faces. =( We really hope that over the course of time, Lorena will be able to have her husband listen to and benefit from the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

When I said this transfer would bring big changes, boy, was I right and wrong at the same time. First of all, We STILL do not have permission to go to Long Beach, which really sucks. Whatever. I'll just wait for the new mission presidency to come in two months and take it from there. Secondly, Our now former District Leader, Elder Cordy, was transferred out of the ASL program and is now back to spanish-speaking. Our new DL is Elder Jackson. Also, this might come as a shock to my brother Jared, but his arch-nemesis whise name I dare not type on here for fear of my brother's wrath, is now in our zone.

Thirdly, we just (shudder) moved in a new apartment, up in Hawthorne. I'm not really pleased with our new apartment. For one, it needs new paint, new oven and laundry machines, and there's bars on our windows. Also, It's in a weird location because our new apartment is more north than the other ASL missionaries' apartment, and they work the north and we work south, which really doesn't make sense. I'll have to discuss it with my mission president during interviews in two weeks.

- E.T.


Hi all.

Last sunday, we had a LOT of new investigators come to sacrament meeting and enjoy the spirit too. Our investigator Lulu expressed a strong want to come back next sunday. She is getting baptized for sure! I learned a really interesting thing yesterday. Lulu and Tony Venegas, an active member in our branch, USED TO HAVE A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP together but decided they were better off just good friends. Also, another of our investigators who came, Lorena R. grew up with Lulu back in school and they knew each other a long time since. Walt Disney was wrong. It's a TINY world after all. Well, at least when it comes to Los Angeles, one of the biggest cites in the world.

I just had a frightening relevation. In 2 weeks, I'll have hit my 6-month mark, which means soon, 1/4 of my mission will be over already. Yikes. It didn't even feel like that long, not even close. It's as if yesterday I was just drying off from leaving behind a teary mom at reporting-in day at the MTC. (I still DON'T miss the awful MTC food though. Some of you might think it's awesome to have burgers and fries everyday but trust me when I say you'll get sick of it pretty fast!) I'm really afraid to blink, beacuse I just know the second I open my eyes, I'll be married, have a dreary job in corporate world somewhere, and a little bundle of joy is coming along the way. ={

Over the week, I have had a few companion splits with the missionaries working the north part of LA. It was a cool experience meeting many new people. Elder Cordy is a pretty cool teacher, and I learned a lot of tips and methods from him. That, and he is the District Leader here in the ASL program.

Also, the Maravillas Family accepted a baptism date for May 19. The only and big problem is that the husband, Luis has to work on sunday, and his boss refuses to allow him to take a few sundays off. =( We're really praying that a opportunity will open up for Luis, that will allow them to be able to come to church.



Hi all.

One exciting thing happened yesterday is that our sacvrament meeting attendance experienced a unexcepted spike. A lot of our less-actives finally got their act together and showed up at church, also many of our investigators. The cool thing is that one of many of our investigators came to sacrament meeting and he is a (woman in shower screaming before being stabbed to death by man behind curtain in that old movie whose name escapes me right now.) Jehovah Witness. You gotta love the power of priesthood. In fact, the other day, we had a look-down (exchanging glares like two guys in the old west before high-noon) with some signing JWs outside a house of one of our recent converts. We won. =P

Also... WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE. Lulu Diaz, one of our investigators, is getting baptized on May 9. We committed 3 others to baptism but all of them said they weren't ready and so they asked us to wait. Whatever. At least one said yes.

This week, we're going to really crack it down on the Maravillas family and see to it that they say yes to baptism. They're a cool family that have a strong knowledge of the gospel (many missionaries has been teaching them including my brother). They even have a testimony too but they just won't take sundays off to come to church. Also, the really (missionary censored) thing is that they wanted to put off baptism for TEN MONTHS so their youngest son can be old enough so the all of them can be baptised at once. ??? This calls for Alma 34:32-34 and Moroni chapter 8!

We'll see what happens. We're trying to see to it that the next transfer brings with it so many baptisms that they have to refill the baptismal font with clean water every now and then! Speaking of which, transfers are next week. We're really hoping that there will be big changes that transfer, mainly moving up to three different companionships and re-opening Long Beach to the preaching of the gospel among the deaf.