Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blog Post #4 - MTC Observations

What's up everyone?

Well, today officially marks one month of my Mission. Time really goes by FAST. It feels like i've only beeen here for a week so far. Whoa. 1 down, 23 more to go.

So, to commemorate the 1/24th of my mission, I want to state a few observations of my whole MTC experience so far...

1. The MTC food. The low quality and repetitiveness of the meals they serve has finally pushed us around the point of protest. In fact, one day, when they served fried pieces of whole chicken, one of our sisters proceeded to twist a leg off. Guess what happened?

It gushed blood. Literally. Like up to a foot across, and that was it for us. What did they do, hack off the chicken and serve it within the hour??

Some of us have already chosen to live off salad and cereal from now on, and I'm contemplating crossing that bridge.

2. Last sunday was fast sunday, and several meetings were cancelled in observance, thus most of our district took the advantage of a urgently needed extra few hours of sleep. Normally I would enjoy it too, but my stuffy nose kept me up. I seriously loathe colds.

At least we finally had SNOW that day, and I woke up to a fresh blanket of snow. Joy! Our district was planning on an epic snowball war for P-day, but unfortunately the MTC presidency had the delight to tell us that snowball fishts is strctly not allowed. Drat. Oh well.

3. There are a lot of short people in the MTc. I mean, a LOT of short people, like no taller than four feet or less. In fact, three Elders and a sister are registered as dwarves. I feel like the Goliath to a whole bunch of Davids. Just a statement.

4. The Referral center is good, but sometimes it can get a bit scary. From there you get to chat with people from across the country who responded to church advertising. We met a lot of nice people who wanted to learn more about the church, but (please kindly pardon my french) you also meet some of the idiots who ask about the strangest things. One man spammed about evidence of Evolution, the big bang, etc. one woman told stories of her being 13 years old and pregnant (yikes), one man told us that temple garments "turns him on"??!?!?!

And here's the real kicker. One man said he wants to "Come onto Christ". Fine and all, bout the problem is... the words "Come onto christ" was implied in probably the most extremely inappropriate way ever. If you don't know what i'm talking about by now, then for the sake of your further sanity and mine, DON'T EVER ask me to explain it to you. EVER.

5. Another elder left, who is also our roommate, so our room has become somewhat quieter. Van Dam was very ectastic about finally getting the bottom bunk previously occupied by the other elder. He really don't like top bunks.

Two sisters in out class, Badger and Hansen, found out that they are going to be stuck at the MTC for a lot longer (6 more weeks) and they're pretty torn up about it. I surprised them by giving them both gifts of their favorite candy and they seemed to like it very much. I think little tokens of frienship goes a long way, don't you think?

that's about it for now, snce I don't have much time. One more thing, I ran into Kol Gibson at the MTC. We had a nice long chat yesterday and he seems to be doing very well.

okay. one LAST thing. To my family and friends: Please please please PLEASEEEEE send me letters! I'll reply back, of course! I'm tired of seeing nothing but spiders and cobwebs in my mailbox. IF you don't, I'll break my tie from the nearest tree and exclaim,"THAT WAS MY FAVORITE TIE!" You wouldn't do that me to me, would you...? =-(

haha. bye.


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