Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blog Post #2 - Week 2


Oh, hi.

Wow. it's been two weeks already. Freaking amazing. I thought the days went by like molasses, but then when I look back at it.

odd. odd indeed.

but anyway, I've been having loads of fun so far. just last tuesday, Apostle Dalin H. Oaks graced the MTC with his presence. He first spoke about the statistics of missionaries in the MTC and in the field; how over half of all missionaries are learning 52 different languages; included was 15 ASL missionaries. That was when I immediately knew that he was talking right at me. Really cool.

Elder Van Dam: He's pretty cool too. He comes from a huge family: 12 kids. I think one of them are deaf too so he learned some ASL before coming to the MTC. His ASL is getting better everyday to the level of normal communication so we got a chance to really talk and bond. Oh, and he's going to Los Angeles too.

Lemmon and Nightingale are doing well. Nighingale just got informed that they're sending him out in about a week. Lucky him.

the five ASL sisters in our branch are nice too. all hearing, but fairly versed into ASL, so...

Anyway, last week, we had our first referral center appointment where we talked to actual people online who had questions about the church. It was ok, but you meet the strangest people online. One man had a "concrete testimony about the Big Bang Theory, science, and stuff like that. Another man discussed the intricaties of *cough* his intimate moments. etc. etc.

But on the plus side, we hooked an appointment on our FIRST call. W00t. Think that's a good omen or something?

We also had opportunities to teach real investigators in person at the MTC last friday. I think it went well, as the investingator (Amanda) didn't show us out the door on the first minute. yikes. I was very nervous but I think I did fairly well.

agh. Time running out. again. BUT... a story before I go.

Two mew missionaries arrived on a island where they were supposed to be teaching. There, they were immediately surrounded by tribial natives wearing masks and paint. And spears. lots of spears.

One elder made the mistake of saying Hello in plain english, and for some reason the natives bound them up with rope and carried both elders off to their giant idol on the island. there, the natives chanted to the idol to burn the elders in sacrifice, but the idol has done nothing. the chanting went on for hours and yet nothing happened, so one of the elders finally decided to wriggle out of his ropes. he than put his hand in his pocket as the natives stopped and looked on suspiciously. He then took out a lighter and flickered a flame. the natives, all 2,000 of them, jumped back in astonishment. the elder then lit his post on fire, showing that he could make fire when the idol couldn't. every native on the island collective bowed on the ground.

At that, he told the natives to read the Book of Mormon, and pray about it (the right way, of course).

Withing a month. the two elders baptized all 2,000 people. the Mission president's jaw dropped to the sand.

Anyway, enough about us. What's up on the home front?


PS: Please PLEASE send letters. it gives me a thrill of seeing the shiny white envelope in the mail. If typing is REALLY your thing, then send me mail at THANKS!

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