Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last MTC Letter

Okay. This is my official last e-mail from the MTC before I leave for LA. I'm so excited. Only five days left. Of course, knowing the time flow here, It'll feel like a lot less. Missions are like the summer vacations back in high school that you don't ever want end, but the forces of time and space makes time go faster just to spite you.

Our branch is getting noticeably smaller. Two ASL sisters, Moulton and Christensen, left for their mission field yesterday morning. We all wished them lots and lots of luck of their mission.

Elder Ringwood of the First Quorum of the Seventy spoke to us at Devotional last Tuesday. It was about the analogy of the seed, which I will explain to you.

See, faith in Jesus Christ asnd the gospel is like a plant. When we (missionaries) teach other people the gospel, we are giving them a little seed (a bit of faith), and we teach them to "Experiment unto the seed" as outlined in Alma 32. As we nuture and care for the seed (pray, read the scriptures, etc), the seed becomes a sapling, or in ther words, our faith and testimony grows. Eventually, through continuing faith and the strengthing of our testimony, the young plant eventually matures into a strong tree, symbolizing our powerful faith and testimony. On the other hand, If we neglect and stop caring for the tree, watering it or pruning it or whatever, the tree easily withers away and we have no choice but to cast it out. Thus, if we dontinue to care and nuture our faith and testimony through praying and studying and sharing the testimony, then what's the point?

Overall, It was a very interesting talk.

IN ther news, If any of you haven't gotten a reply letter from me yet, I APOLOGIZE. For some reason, my address book got up and walked away, plus a few letters came back to me on account of wrong address, but I'm trying my best to get all of them to you guys. Thanks for your patience. I DO have good news though. I will be sending a couple of letters plus a lot of pictures and videos so except multiple blog posts over the week with said pictures and video.

Thisd week, the temple opened at last! We got to go into the temple one last time before we left and It was very spiritually refreshing.

well, sadly, time for me to go, but my next e-mail will be coming from sunny Los Angeles. See you all there.

Have a good day.

-Elder Tritsch

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